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perfect for super powered content search for big documents: PDFs, texts, HTML.
"The best at boring document search." That is what a tech writer from Google crowned our technology.

Maxsearch 3.0®, with automatic file and folder tracking, adds value and improves productivity guaranteed. Choose to have Maxsearch "autodive" into your biggest folders, or easily add the ones you want with the side bar.

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Our Windows OS test showed a time savings of 450% with MaxSearch compared to traditional OS searching methods. MaxSearch averaged 9 minutes less per search. At over 100 times in one month, MaxSearch saves over 15 hours of lost productivity.

Maxsearch® for Apple is more useful then os title search because we also match file content.


MaxSearch is much more than just an awesome replacement for CTRL-F. We let you organize your smart data in virtual folders above and beyond the file system. MaxSearch also gives you a way to Export your searches into a database ready CSV format. Now in minutes convert any document and import directly into a database.


MaxSearch elegantly finds relevant text everytime, regardless of how many documents you select. You can be confident that something has not been missed with an end to end MaxSearch solution for all your important data.


All your documents stay on-premise, on your computer, and are only read by the MaxSearch app so you can find what you want and do what you want with that information.


We have the customer service technicians with the chops to help you understand how to become more productive and save hours with documents in only a few minutes! Call now 425-422-6246.

MaxSet has been awarded the highly prestigious AFWERX small business innovative research grant, by the United States Air Force. Only 50 companies are chosen, nationwide. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of best. As innovative companies that have created technologies that society does not even know exists.


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