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October 9, 2017

MAXset is pleased to announce that our software is now ready for custom installation.  You can now use MAXset’s best-in-class document processing software securely on your own machine.  You do not even have to be connected to the internet to turn your textual data and documents into a readable and searchable “DOCsheet” that is uniquely formatted for viewing your data, increasing the security of sensitive information.

We are still working on the front end for a user friendly GUI and a SaaS interface to fully automate your document processing.

MAXset is a perfect solution for any organization that has large amounts of text based data to manage and understand.  Mergers and acquisitions, litigation, public records requests, regulatory compliance, specifications, training manuals are just a few of the use cases where MAXset’s software is the best tool for any business or organization.

MAXset saves time and money and increases productivity exponentially.  We can process textual data at over 200 pages per second using the power of a desktop computer.  Nobody else can do this—not Amazon, not Google, not Microsoft.  We are unique in the marketplace.

DOCsheets are a combination of a document and spreadsheet.  Our proprietary algorithms developed by our founder and software engineer, sort language into five categories into which all documents can be organized.

If you are ready to move on from manual and semi-manual data preparation and transformation processes that take too long, are too expensive and provide less than accurate results, then it’s time for MAXset.

Please contact us today at or at 253 653 5331.  Thank you.

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