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MAXSET has developed a unique set of products using our lightning fast AI inspired algorithms for “deep search” within any machine, server or network, finding and transforming any text based document you desire.

  • DOCsheet is an augmented documentation format that displays data from documents in a 5 column spreadsheet, with instant actionable insight via easy to use, built-in filters and search.
    • Ideal for the data worker, data scientist and business analyst. Very useful for all levels of management, from first line to C-Level.
      • Business advantage – make more educated and informed decisions in minutes.
        • How does it work? – Each column is sorted consistently with how our mind understands written content. Some columns contain the higher order words or phrases and other columns the lower order concepts.  Words and phrases are sorted contextually for simpler and quicker understanding.
  • MAXSET’s E-SCROLL is “genius” as a member of Gen Z put it. Displays books, documents and text via mobile in a new, user friendly format. You are able to vertically scroll and read more information, more rapidly on any MAC, PC, smart phone or tablet.
    • Perfect for the commuter, busy reader rushed professional and especially students.
      • Business advantage – works with most document formats with almost instant conversion of original file format to ESCROLL.
        • How does it work? – the text is stacked and scrolls vertically without the burden of shaping and enlarging screens.
  • REQsheet is for the business requirements aficionado, who has to know what matters most in any document. Formatted so that one column provides THE most relevant information in any document.
    • Perfect for the decision makers, specialists, human resources, trainers or other power users whose job is often deadline driven where accurate data is critical to the organization.
      • Business advantage – make internal strategic decisions with your most valuable information assets without delay and without the costs of hiring outside experts.
        • How does it work? – There is a specific column in the REQsheet with all the requirements sequestered and listed for you in advance. Your most valuable business requirements instantly available.

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