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At MAXSET we offer a wide range of data and document management capabilities for organizations of all shapes and sizes. 

We pride ourselves on being the fastest on the market to turn raw data into meta-tagged, searchable CSV tables or HTML pages using MAXSET – mi, Machine Intelligence.

Organize and Search

For organizations that have large amounts of data and document management, processing and structuring needs, MAXSET offers its DSaaS (data structuring as a service) where you upload your documents to your secure cloud-based account, click Go and your text data gets processed instantly.  You can organize your data into manifests, share with colleagues, and search across thousands of documents at once.  (To be released late Spring 2018)

You can produce DOCsheets (TM) that are readable, searchable and ready for analytics in ANY database application or visualization with PowerBI or other viz programs.

Whatever your needs are around managing, organizing, searching and sharing any kind of textual data, MAXSET can help.


For organizations that need to automate various data and document processing that is now manual or semi-manual, MAXSET will provide a custom solution for you.  We can save organizations substantial amounts of time and money automating “cut and paste” scenarios that many organizations are still using to move data to and from one source to another.

Software Development and Consulting

For organizations that need Python development and implementation, MAXSET provides expert software consulting services.

MAXSET provides free consultations to understand your organization’s data and document needs and desires. We also work with high quality partners in data analytics and mobile data optimization.


For educators, teachers, academics and students, MAXSET’s library provides literary classics in our unique DOCsheet (TM) format for free download, reading and searching.


We love solving data and document management problems!  Contact us today to let us know how we can help you get a handle on your data and documents.

Try MAXSET for free!  Check out our demo to see how easy and powerful using our KEYNLP (TM) software can be for finding information from multiple documents in milliseconds.