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Unique and Powerful Algorithms Based on Years of Research

MAXSET software is based upon years of research by our Founder to understand how people interact with information, how we discover information and turn it into knowledge, and how language provides meaning and context to information.

While at Boeing, Founder Fultz’s research culminated in a project that became a published paper titled “SKYSET”, which can be found here.

SKYSET is the foundation for the unique and powerful algorithms that are MAXSET’s “secret sauce” that metatag every word in a document, understands its meaning in context and searches instantly for key words or phrases, finding what is desired every time, 100% accurate.

MAXSET’s software is able to “read” any text-based document written in English.  This includes virtually any unstructured text format, such as PDF, Word, .txt, email, chat logs and social streams.

Another unique feature of MAXSET technology is the structured output that is produced once documents have been meta-tagged and transformed by our software.  These structured outputs are CSV formatted files, universally accepted for loading into any database application, or for visualization.

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MAXSearch effortlessly catalogs all types of documents into actionable insights, meta-tagging every word.

All your files, no matter how large or complex, are ready for instant search, discovery, sharing and visualization.

  • For lower cost than any other solution.

  • Our first version, releasing April 2018 is for Windows PCs.  The next version will support a SaaS interface, Q2 2018.

  • Nobody stands in our way when setting speed records + accuracy. 

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