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The use cases for MAXSET’s superfast data processing and structuring services are almost endless.  Below are several use cases from customers we are working with.

Aerospace – an aerospace company has military specifications to which the company must build its products.  These specifications are dense, sometimes ambiguous and complex.  Understanding these specifications and applying them properly to product manufacturing is critical for the company.

MAXSET’s proprietary algorithms and text structuring turn military specifications extremely fast into a searchable table or web page that highlights the key requirements the company must comply with.  Employees tasked with specification compliance can now read and search what was once a dense and difficult document in seconds, finding relevant sections quickly.  The result is increased compliance, reduced cost of manufacturing, quicker and more intelligent decision making due to MAXSET’s capabilities.

Biotech/Life Sciences/Pharma –  MAXSET’s KEYDATA ™ software for health care provides a more effective, more affordable and more secure solution to upload, share and search for sensitive health care data that is simple to install and use.

KEYDATA seeks to support health care organizations dealing with digital transformation and organizational change.  Regulatory requirements and marketplace pressures are forcing the health care industry to fundamentally reengineer its organizations.

Use Cases within health care are numerous.  HIPAA compliance is a major concern for all health care organizations and crosses all functional areas of an organization.  MAXSET’s KEYDATA can be installed on any machine, server or network and finds any text based document on the system.  KEYDATA instantly inventories all the selected documents that are now searchable for sensitive information, PII or any other critical data desired.  By isolating PII or other sensitive information instantly, it can be redacted from relevant documents quickly.

Use of KEYDATA reduces the time and expense of HIPAA compliance, ensures higher level of compliance and allows health care workers to share sensitive data securely and legally.

Not only does KEYDATA instantly inventory and search any text based document, it also converts documents instantly into easily searchable CSV formatted tables.

In addition to improving HIPAA compliance, KEYDATA can be used by health care organizations for:

  • Inventorying, indexing and searching patient records

  • Finding trends in customer contact interactions

  • Sharing important information across departments and divisions securely

This can all be accomplished without taxing your IT department or resources as KEYDATA runs effectively on aging hardware, is easy to install and run in minutes without the need for technical support.

Academic Research and Education – a large public university humanities department professor wants to study 19th century literature for their upper division undergraduates.  The material has been digitized but is not in a format that can be sorted, read or searched.

MAXSET’s AI based algorithms structure literary works into any of our unique formats for reading, studying and researching.  The result is more engaged students who are able to consume data and understand faster and more thoroughly.

Additionally, there are use cases for Mergers and Acquisitions and Regulatory Compliance, such as GDPR for MAXSET’s AI enabled software.

We know your organization will benefit from working with us.  You will experience the satisfaction of knowing your data is being handled accurately, quickly and affordably.

MAXSET will work with your company or organization to design and implement a plan that ensures your data and documents are managed to your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on quick response and excellent customer service.

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